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substantial reduction in the threshold

Fri Apr 14, 2017 3:21 am

strengthen the wood flooring market since 1995 landing the domestic market so far, The retail price of mainstream brand products from the original 200 yuan / square meter down to today's 90 yuan / square meters, and in the fierce competition, the average price of well-known brands have continued to decline trend. The use of a substantial reduction in the threshold, 7 Tips for Installation Wood Plastic Flooringbut also to the general public can not spend much money on the use of quality and cheap brand products. "Many bad board" market spoiler filed "five bad board", many people are no stranger, it includes formaldehyde seriously exceeded the "strange taste plate", a short period of deformation does not wear the "short board", poor quality material production " Crisp core board ",
imitation brand-name" Li ghost board ", small-scale production plant does not meet the" workshop board. " After two to three years of market development, its products already in the Northwest market has more than 50% market share. This year, in response to the real estate decoration policy and the development trend of home improvement industry, part of the "five bad board" transformed into a "new five bad board."Recyclable modern WPC pergola "Small five bad board" and "little honey board" is through the ultra-low prices and rebate means, into the current popular fine decoration of the floor of the real estate; "ride board" is the use of informal operation of the various competitions, their own name In the name of the back of the floor;
"stay in the plate" is to spend money or only a small amount of imported foreign products to do an import certificate, posing as imported flooring; "hidden body" and the decoration company formed a community of interests, decoration company "recommended" "Guerrilla board" is in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an and other big cities on the "five bad board" check relatively strict circumstances, into small cities, to seize the second and third floor of the market floor. Shaanxi Province, forestry industry product quality inspection station official pointed out that the quality of products, "new five bad board" and the old "five bad board" is almost exactly the same, will be harmful to the health of consumers,
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